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Business Services & Incentives
The Community Development Department's (CDD) Economic Development Program provides the following services:

Site Finder Database
Site Finder Database provides a list commercial / industrial property available for lease or sale.

Tax Incentives
The town is an active participant in the state's Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP). The EDIP is a three-way partnership between the state, a municipality within an Economic Target Area (ETA), and a growing company.

First, the company and the municipality agree to a tax exemption schedule on future incremental real property taxes - a local tax reduction. The company then obtains state approval for a 5% investment tax credit - a state income tax reduction. In turn, the company commits to a job growth and private investment schedule. The duration of this incentive may range from five to 20 years.

Key Advantages
The EDIP offers several key advantages to growing companies. Most notably, the program reduces the financial burden required to grow a company. The EDIP program is also highly flexible, allowing variable local tax exemption structures and agreement durations. Finally, the investment tax credit carry forward period is five years beyond the duration of the agreement.

Business Licensing & Permitting Assistance
The CDD will navigate a project through the development review process by identifying appropriate zoning and other applicable land development permits, filing fees, and anticipated time frames for each permit.